• Operations SOS

  • $99one time
  • 30-Min Discovery Session
    3-Step Action Plan


    Is there an area of your business that is getting out of hand? We can help you discover what’s preventing you from achieving your goals and identify 3 actionable steps you can take to get this area of your business back on track quickly.


    Your first task will be to complete an Operations SOS Intake form to help us get to know you and your business needs.


    Following that, we will schedule a 30-minute discovery call to dig a bit deeper.


    With this information at hand, Peta & Sue will develop a 3-step Action Plan with practical, easy-to-implement solutions to help give your business a boost.

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  • Course Correction

  • $349one time
  • 60-Min Discovery Session
    1-Page Action Plan
    60-Min Follow-Up Coaching Session


    For the do-it-yourselfer, we can set you up with a clear path of actionable steps to achieve your business goals including specific suggestions on the ideal platforms to streamline your business operations.


    Start off by completing the Operations Intake form to help us learn more about your business’ needs. From there we will schedule a 60-minute consultation (via phone, video chat or in person) to dig a bit deeper.


    After our discovery session, we will write up a 1-page action plan that outlines your current situation, your vision/goals along with practical and actionable solutions for you to implement with your team.


    We look forward to meeting with you for an additional 60-minute follow-up coaching session at a time of your choosing to ensure you’re well-equipped to meet your goals.

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  • Operations Overhaul

  • $995one time
  • 60-Min Discovery Session
    Comprehensive Action Plan
    4 X 90-Min Working Sessions
    3 X Sanity Checks


    You’re ready to enlist help to set your business on a clear path to streamlined operations. We will provide you with hands-on help to unite you with the best systems for your business and the accountability to ensure you reach your goals.


    You’ll start by completing our Operations Intake Form to let us know a bit about your business.


    From there we’ll schedule your first 60-minute call with us to delve deeper and learn about what’s working and what could be better.


    With this information in mind, Peta and Sue will develop a comprehensive action plan with solutions to streamline many of your business processes that you can use as a roadmap to freedom in your business.


    You will receive 4 x 90-minute working sessions with us where we will work hands-on to help implement selected solutions.


    We’ll also meet with you at the end of each phase of the action plan (3 x 60-minute sessions) to review progress, make any adjustments, answer questions and provide guidance.

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