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Staff hours saved per month


Years working with Sheldrake & Ross

The Problem

As this small manufacturer began to grow, the labor-intensive quotation and invoicing processes became cumbersome and staffing costs were eating into profits.

The Solution

Quickbooks Online was being used by the bookkeeper to track expenses, but we implemented a system where estimates, invoices, inventory (with fixed pricing per product), payroll and payments were all entered in Quickbooks.

Quickbooks Online

To look at using Quickbooks Online to it’s full potential in your business, contact Sheldrake & Ross or go directly to Quickbooks Online.

Why WoodGiftBox.com Needed Us

Wood BoxFor each payment, staff time was reduced by an average of 90 minutes per order. For a company with around 20-30 customer orders per month, this translated to a time/cost saving of 30-45 hours per month.

The cost to upgrade Quickbooks Online so they could process payroll and tracking inventory was more than offset by the savings of no longer requiring a credit card machine (POS).

Next we are examining productivity, scheduling and profitability and looking at solutions such as MRPEasy to make tracking and scheduling seamless.

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