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The Problem

Each time a shipment was required (either from overseas to North America OR for larger shipments withinNorth America), staff were required to contact various shippers in a variety of ways – some would provide online forms, some would require a phone call. The price structures of international shippers varied making it extremely difficult to compare quotes.

The Solution

We recommended, and implemented, Flexport since they provide a great all-in-one solution – getting quotes, retaining documentation, providing brokerage, and monitoring shipments. This meant that the information for all shipments were in one place which a variety of staff members could access. The quotation process was streamlined and the price breakdown could be easily compared.
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If you are interested in using Flexport for your business, contact Sheldrake & Ross or go directly to the Flexport website.

Why Swing & Spin Needed Us

In this case there were two types of savings – staff time spent arranging shipments was reduced dramatically – from approximately 5-7 hours per shipment to around 1.5 hours.

In addition, the company was saving money on each shipment and was better able to track the costs associated with shipments. If anything ever went wrong, they also had an account manager at Flexport who look into any problems directly with the carrier.

For this client we also implemented Podio to manage documentation, contacts, invoicing, tasks and projects, Ring Central to handle incoming calls, FreshDesk to handle customer service, Amazon, and Woo commerce/Wordpress.

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