Holding Company with Multiple Subsidiaries


Hours of domain management saved


Companies managed


Years working with Sheldrake & Ross

The Problem

Our client was a serial entrepreneur with a number of small businesses at various lifecycle stages that fall under his holding company. He was having difficulty dealing with the multiple domains, websites and emails.

The Solution

We looked at both Microsoft 365 and Google Apps for Business and decided that Google provided the best sub-domain mailbox handling in this case. All email accounts were transitioned over to Google so that staff were able to check and send email from one interface for all the companies they were representing.


In addition all documents were moved over to Google Drive and we implemented a time tracking tools for all employees in Google Forms.


The holding company held 48 different domains. The domains were being held in various places and all renewed at different times. We moved all domains to GoDaddy and ensured the renewal dates all aligned.

Google Apps for Work

To look at using GoDaddy or Google Apps for Business, contact Sheldrake & Ross or click on the company logos.

Why They Needed Us

Consolidating domain renewals meant that domain renewals were not a monthly task requiring 30-60 minutes of time but became a 30 minutes annual process.  With 48 domains this was a saving of around 9 hours and saved a lot of frustration.


For this client we also implemented Podio to manage contacts, tasks and projects and Ring Central to handle incoming calls

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