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The Problem

This was a new startup with a limited budget whose founders wanted to be able to work anywhere. They didn’t live in the same city and planned to travel for a considerable part of each year.

The Solution

We needed to find online platforms that would allow these founders to run their company wherever they were in the world. We put together a package for them consisting of some of our favourite platforms:


Asana allows them to manage tasks, track time (with a Harvest time integration) and share knowledge.


Slack for online chat and exploration of ideas.


Google Apps for Business allows them to run their email, store files on Google Drive and collaborate with one another on Google Docs/Sheets, and meet with each other and clients via Google Hangouts.


Grasshopper allowed them to have a local and toll-free number that they could use for incoming and outgoing calls wherever they were.


Quickbooks Online enabled them to keep track of their expenses on the go and provided instant access to their financial position. For now, they have decided to be their own bookkeepers, but if they decide to outsource that, then their bookkeeper will also have remote access to their books.
Google Apps for Work
Quickbooks Online
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Why Your Business Needs Us

The co-founders have worked from 3 different countries (and multiple states!) and seen countless breathtaking sights all while successfully working and growing their customer-base!


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