Find out how we've helped businesses save time and money

In each of these case studies we have helped to implement plans and strategies as well as time-saving systems to help each of these companies reach their business goals.

Marie-Claude Mills“As a small business it’s really important to keep our costs as low as possible. Peta & Sue helped to reduce the staff time spent on each customer which in turn saved us on our bottom line.”


~ Marie-Claude Mills,

Wood Box

Wood Box Manufacturer

Learn how a wood box manufacturing company utilized our services to save over $1000 a month through the use of Quickbooks online and other services.

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3D Currax

Tech R&D Company

As this new company began to receive funding and grow in size, systems were needed to take care of all aspects of the business and free staff to focus on their areas of expertise. Find out how we helped them.

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Sheldrake & Ross Business Solutionistas

Business Consultants

Their goals are to travel and work from anywhere. Learn how these business consultants set up their business on a limited budget.

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Thought to Market

Holding Company

Find out how we helped this serial entrepreneur with a number of small businesses at various lifecycle stages organize his multiple domains and websites.

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swing & spin

Toy Importer/Retailer

Find out how we helped this toy importer/retailer cut 5 hours off of their shipping operations and streamline sales and operations.

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