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Video Marketing | What makes your audience click?

19 May What makes your audience click?!

Studies indicate that the human brain processes visual data 60,000 times faster than it does text. Learn how video marketing is right for your business.

With findings now suggesting that the average human attention span has dropped to a very hasty 8 seconds, (that’s one second less than your average goldfish!) captivating online content is no longer just a bonus for your business, but pretty much a business no-brainer.

likeI stumbled across ‘Explainer Videos’ when I was despondently searching for content to engage apathetic university students on social media platforms. These guys were hard to please, and easily distracted!

Initially I enthusiastically dabbled with Powtoon; shortly after which I delightedly discovered GoAnimate & the uniquely vibrant VideoScribe; all of which are fabulous, fun, & very user-friendly animation softwares.

And Boom! The engagement we received from the short animos (animated videos!) posted to Facebook, gained 10 times that of earlier posts where text and image combos had been applied.  It became apparent – as far as compelling online content goes, video certainly takes centre stage!

video marketingSo, what is an ‘explainer video’?

An explainer video/animo  is a short video (approx. 2-3 mins) that demonstrates for example, a business idea or a product launch, educational material, training, user instructions, or maybe just some words of inspiration.

Explainer videos prove effective due to their fun, simple, informal, and often colourful content which captures and retains viewer attention. After all, learning through an audio/visual approach is way more akin to how our brains absorb information.

Explainer videos explain very quickly and concisely what you need to know about a business/product etc. Simply put, they are a much more fun and effective alternative to a user manual!

‘Reach’ for the stars

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation – that old chestnut! Basically, ‘the’ Google prioritises videos in search results, in a drive to provide the best quality of online content, recognising that video provides higher audience satisfaction and retention.

Bearing in mind also that YouTube is now ranked as the world’s 2nd largest search engine – it’s no wonder that investing in animated video marketing can be instrumental in boosting your business’s online visibility, increasing traffic to your website, and helping you to reach a much wider audience.

Pitch perfect

Explainer videos are WAY more interesting than PowerPoint presentations (sorry PowerPoint)!

In contrast to PP, explainer videos can convey your message in 60 seconds of colourful engagement, leaving your target audience with a simple and refreshing understanding of who you are, as opposed to a slow death by text, and a, ‘what was that again?’ response.

So, not only are you presenting a memorable impression to your viewers, but you are also adding unique personality to your business/cause/profile etc., etc.

Video MarketingShareability

Explainer videos are also highly shareable!

Because they provide fun and engaging media, they are more likely to be ‘shared’ in the social online sphere – positively enhancing that reach of yours again. In other words, more people are going to hear all about you!

Viewers are drawn to explainer videos due to their simplicity and momentum, but also because they create a more humanised portrayal of your company/product and so forth. By adopting the explainer video marketing method, you are reflecting the personality and culture of your organisation, and you can thus use this to your advantage, by creating a feeling of trust and connection with your audience.

Don’t know where to start?

First off you need to put script to story. Map out your message; what information are you wanting to convey?

What is your product/service/idea etc?

Who is your target audience?

Think of the main benefits you would like to feature, and the tone you would like to use, for example, professional/fun/emotional etc.

(IMHO – you can definitely be fun whilst maintaining  professionalism.)

Once you’ve figured all of this out, it’s a good idea to put together a rough storyboard, organising the desired content into scenes – and remember, you want to keep it as simple and as brief as possible to maintain that audience engagement!

Your story will need an introduction, middle (the CRUX!),  and an inspiring ending – with a call to action, for example, ‘click here to sign up’, ‘Follow us on Twitter’ and the like.

You can also add music and voiceovers for a polished, professional finish – once you get the hang of the apps/software, you’ll find them pretty straightforward yet effortlessly effective!

Keep it simple – it’s very easy to get carried away with content, overloading your ‘animo’ with the mass of features available, making it cluttered and overwhelming. All of the softwares (most of which offer an initial free trial) are rich with characters, symbols, icons, you name it! But really, really – try not to lose control out there!

Keeping it short and simple will make your video all the more memorable.

Explain yourself!

Once you’ve perfected your piece, it’s time to post the finished product onto your social media platforms, integrate it on your website, add it to your email signatures, your YouTube channel (or similar), blog and newsletter.

You need to spread the word for your voice to be heard!

After the success of my initial experimenting with GoAnimate/Video Scribe,  – it got me thinking – of where else in my life I could use explainer videos to establish an influential online identity.  I decided to make an animated video resume, providing an eye-catching method to get noticed in a competitive job market. I feature the video on my LinkedIn page, and add the link when applying for contracts.

The feedback I have had has been extremely positive and I have been offered several jobs off the back of my explainer resume!

Finally, I whipped together this little number for the SPCA in New Zealand, and RSPCAs in Australia and the UK – it didn’t quite make the dizzy heights of ‘viral’, but it did receive over 9k views on the NZ SPCA Facebook page alone!

There are so many benefits of using explainer videos, and even more possible contexts in which they can be used, that I think an explainer video itself would be required in order to illustrate them all!

So if you’re keen to have some glory animating your story,  get ready to explain yourselves, and turn some heads! 🙂